Arresting Prostitutes is Legal Exploitation

Press Release January 7, 2007

Bills aimed at ending criminal prostitution laws have been entered into the 2007 legislative session. SB 706 and its companion bill HB 982 were written with the intent of allowing people to engage in this age old activity without threat of legal sanction.

The legislation does the following:

1. Changes the definition of the offense of prostitution to include only public aspects, i.e. streetwalking.

2. Removes the misdemeanor offense and replaces it with a civil fine of $500.

3. Requires no fine zones where streetwalking will be completely unsanctioned.

4. Retains felonies for promoting prostitution if coercion is involved or if the prostitute is a minor.


Off street activity such as escort services or massage parlors will not be subject to sanction. They will of course fall under general State and County zoning and other regulations that affect all businesses.

Streetwalking will be more easily moved away from residential areas such as the Kukui Street area since there will be legal work areas for prostitutes available.
Crimes against prostitutes committed by pimps or johns will be more likely to be reported since the prostitute will not have to admit to a crime when coming forward. By the same token crimes committed against johns by prostitutes will be more likely to be reported.

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