Honolulu Star Bulletin Vol. 12, Issue 244 - Saturday, September 1, 2007
Downtown prostitution sting captures 9

Response from Tracy Ryan, Chair, The Libertarian Party of Hawaii

September 1, 2007
To the Editor
Honolulu Star Bulletin

Dear Editor:

Pathetic! Embarrassing! Wasteful! What other words can be used to describe the story I read in today’s Star about police officers dressing up in drag to entrap johns in Chinatown. How many young men do you think join the force dreaming of doing this kind of duty? “To protect and to serve”?

There are 1.2 million people in Hawaii who would like police protection from the waves of car thefts, break in’s, burglaries, vandalism, and other ills we all suffer from. The fact that a couple dozen angry folks from Kukui Street are afraid of transsexuals shouldn’t be enough to misdirect the resources we depend on for protection.

Unfortunately, as long as we retain our archaic prostitution laws HPD will be stuck trying to “do something” whenever any old lady with a bee in her bonnet wants to complain about whores (gay or straight) that she doesn’t want to see on “her” streets.

Common sense legislation was presented to our legislators this past session that would have decriminalized prostitution and allowed for zoning to keep it away from residential areas. Unfortunately, this bill wasn’t given a hearing and we have to deal with more idiocy such as cops in drag.

Tracy Ryan
Chair, The Libertarian Party of Hawaii


Downtown prostitution sting captures 9
By Leila Fujimori

Downtown Honolulu undercover police officers dressed as female streetwalkers and snared nine johns in the last week, police said.
Police arrested the men, ranging in age from 22 to 61, in the area of Kukui and Aala streets for solicitation of prostitution.

District 1, which covers downtown Honolulu, uses four undercover units consisting of four women and 12 men several nights a week.
"In this one particular area, you didn't have to be too feminine looking," said Lt. Fabian Loo. "They like 'em big and gnarly."
Honolulu police announced the arrests at a news conference yesterday to inform the public they are working to clean up the streets.
Capt. Frank Fujii said residents have been concerned about prostitution downtown.
"It's part of the ongoing strategy to solve the problem," he said. "We are working on it."
Police want to publicize the message: People who perpetrate crimes should stay out of that area.

The men charged this week are Jino Fonseca, 36; Keith A. Long, 51; Efrey Remigio, 46; Quinn DeSilva, 22; John Albert Richards, 58; Benny Tolentino, 39; David B. Durichek, 61; Ronald Kester, 30; and Yadder Lee, 27.
Police also arrested and charged Anatte Rungstam, 46, with prostitution.
Frank Lavoie, vice chairman of the Downtown Neighborhood Board, said his neighbors have noticed an improvement in the past several months.

"It's actually good (that) police conduct a sting," he said. "They should do it more often so that it doesn't stay like this, so people shouldn't have to put up with this for years."
He hopes the publicity keeps prostitutes and their patrons away from the area.
"People don't like the fact that they are in the center of prostitution," he said.
He said prostitutes stand behind Longs Drug Store and Safeway parking lot on Kukui Street every night. "People are afraid to go outside with their children," Lavoie said.
The community requested that police focus on the problem and conduct stings, he said.
Maj. Randy Macadangdang instituted the special operations to focus on the problem using a variety of strategies, Loo said.

The plainclothes officers are not part of patrol, so no patrol officer is taken away from patrol duties.

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